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About Biltong Drop - Biltong Perth
Biltong Drop was conceived of by its owner-operator Wayne Lamprecht, an expat with Saffa/Babwean heritage. Biltong Drop was created out of his love for the two things he enjoys most in his life – Biltong and Motorcycles! With a Chef background and having worked in restaurants all over Perth for the past decade, it is this experience that has led him to make the finest quality Biltong and Dry Wors in Perth.

Browse our menu for some of our delightful treats that the whole family can enjoy. Our Biltong and Dry Wors can be delivered anywhere in Perth at no additional cost. However, if you are in a rush and need to get some Biltong urgently to fix up a craving – then we will charge a small emergency delivery fee and go out of our way to get it to you as quick as we can.


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Delicious Biltong Drop Menu- Biltong PerthMenu Satisfaction

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Delicious Biltong Drop Traditional Biltong - Biltong Perth

Traditional Biltong

Delicious Biltong Drop Dry Wors - Biltong Perth

Dry Wors

Delicious Biltong Drop Chilli - Biltong Perth

Chilli Biltong

Delicious Biltong Drop Chilli & Garlic - Biltong Perth

Chilli & Garlic Biltong

Delicious Biltong Drop Secret Blend - Biltong Perth

Our “Secret Blend” of spices Biltong

Delicious Biltong Drop Taster pack - Biltong Perth

Biltong Drop “Taster Pack”

Delivery options to cater for all levels of craving

Biltong Drop Menu

Biltong Drop will deliver your Biltong within 84 hrs free of charge as we can slot it into one of our regular delivery routes. For more urgent deliveries where the cravings are just too strong to wait we have an emergency delivery option available below for a small fee.

Delivery ASAP

$10 – Same day delivery

For extreme cases of Biltong withdrawal symptoms we can have a special delivery arranged specially for you.

Delivery 48Hrs

$0 – Delivery within 84Hrs

We run deliveries noth North and South of the river and so can guarantee we will get you your Biltong within half a week (Probably sooner!)

Delivery Zone

Biltong Drop Perth Delivery Zone

Our famous No Bull$%i* Guarantee

Our Biltong Drop No Bull guarantee - Biltong Perth
Biltong Drop has a famous guarantee. In fact we cant guarantee how famous our guarantee is but what we can do is guarantee that our guarantee is an

Absolute 100% certified and unconditional No Bull$%i* Guarantee

What does this mean…? It means that when you deal with Biltong Drop (Perth’s most prestigious Biltong supply and Delivery company) you wont get any Bull$%i*. You wont find it in any of our products, you wont find it in our promises and you certainly wont find it in any of our staff! If you do…. well that never ever happened and never ever will so we cant even begin to imagine “What If’s” cause its impossible.

Now thats an “Absolute 100% certified and unconditional No Bull$%i* Guarantee” if ever you saw one!

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Our No-Bull Tshirts come in a range of adult sizes.

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Our Biltong Drop No Bull guarantee Tshirt - Biltong Perth

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Delicious Biltong Drop Menu- Biltong Perth

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